Friday, April 22, 2011

Almost Back in the Game

It’s always a quick fix to make a few doll outfits to get the feel of accomplishment on the way to my goal of making 100 dresses, but here are some of the Top Ten Reasons for not spending much time in the sewing room lately....

4. Just found the show, Hoarding Buried Alive and have been making several runs to the Good Will, and have organized every closet and dresser drawer.

3. Just found the show Hoarding Buried Alive and have decided to embrace change…the Piano’s going and so are all the outdated valances and chair covers…oh and did I also put on the to do list slip covers for the family room and a new look for the living room…. So I’ve been out furniture shopping…

2. Making seven photo memory books for all the nieces and nephews in honor of my Aunt’s life

1. Lovin my new Kindle