Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hit Or Miss on the results but

The New Year’s resolution is still in tact. Nope, haven’t lost any weight, but an idea did occur to me while doing my annual Christmas pack up this year. When one hits “a certain age” as the French so politely put it, one never knows just how many 'Christmas unpacks and packs' are going to be left on the table, and I do so enjoy that process each year. Hey, I thought... why be glum about it? Why not ritualize it on a monthly basis? Hence the resolution was concocted to use up the stash decorating for the seasons. I do need deadlines, so I scheduled both book clubs chez moi in February. Twelve place mats from the stash that I may or may not use are completed and hopefully the two Valentine Wall hangings, and nine gift candle mats that are left to quilt will be posted shortly…. Hi ho Hi ho it’s off to work I go.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Waste Not want Not + Ebay +/- Polonius

Back in the 80’s my February front door curb appeal consisted of a red fabric heart trimmed in polyester lace. Tacky yes, but appealing enough to have a neighbor ask to borrow the pattern. (Jane if you ever find this blog no worries there is a happy ending) Failing to head Polonius’s warning of “Never a Borrower or Lender Be” I lent her the pattern. It has bugged me for 25 years that I never got it back because I always planned to remake heart sans the polyester. Well waste not want not because now I had the left over border crochet from a tablecloth recycling project of a few posts ago where I turned a torn antique table cloth into 100 Christmas Ornaments and ebay to rebuy the pattern….. Presto Changeo everyone’s happy.