Friday, January 14, 2011

Waste Not want Not + Ebay +/- Polonius

Back in the 80’s my February front door curb appeal consisted of a red fabric heart trimmed in polyester lace. Tacky yes, but appealing enough to have a neighbor ask to borrow the pattern. (Jane if you ever find this blog no worries there is a happy ending) Failing to head Polonius’s warning of “Never a Borrower or Lender Be” I lent her the pattern. It has bugged me for 25 years that I never got it back because I always planned to remake heart sans the polyester. Well waste not want not because now I had the left over border crochet from a tablecloth recycling project of a few posts ago where I turned a torn antique table cloth into 100 Christmas Ornaments and ebay to rebuy the pattern….. Presto Changeo everyone’s happy.

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