Monday, January 23, 2012

Christmas through the year What Will be Occupying my Morning for Weeks

We all seem to be drawn to a favorite block, or quilt lay out, and mine has always been quilts on point, and the block the Greek Square. I had never noticed a Greek Square made with nine tiny squares until I was thumbing through 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts by Hopkins and Martin.

Why not some American Girl Doll Christmas Quilts with the Christmas strip snivels I’ve inherited?….This may take a while because the finished squares measure 3.75”….

Friday, January 20, 2012

Christmas through the year Sweet Dreams No Matter the Season

Have you made one of those roll up tube pillows yet? The directions are complicated unless you just sit back and watch this video, and remember the magic numbers ¾ of a yard, 2” and 9”.
These are for a very special 13 year old on my Christmas List. I think she’s going to love dragging them to slumber parties. Happy Sewing Everyone

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas through the year It All Started out so Innocently

Two yards of wine label material, with the intention of making a few, just a few wine tote hostess gifts.

got it home and realized alas, how can I make the 4.5” wide parallel cuts and not fussy cut to get the entire label centered…Dang now I have a ton of wasted strips?

I’ll think of something…..Okay why not” Dish to Pass Carrier” Totes?…YEA, that’s the ticket…

So using EQ7 I designed a 10” finished square, and built the tote around it….Easier said than done I might add.

For the base, and to keep the bag open I inserted a sheet of plastic needle point canvas between the lining and outer bag,. (After first ironing the edges so I would know how to position it).

Stitched the outer edge creating a crisp outer edge and to keep the plastic sheet trapped inside.

Asked the guy at Loews to cut 10 12” pieces from doweling for five bags, and created a pocket to keep them in.

Used tabs of Velcro on either sideto be able to remove the wooden handles for washing.

Those two innocent yards became more like a month of planning and sewing…ending up as 7 wine totes and 5 carriers…Oy Vay.. But I do think they are going to make 5 great gifts...on to the next project.

Hey Anne do you recognize your pumpkin making material???