Saturday, January 14, 2012

Christmas through the year It All Started out so Innocently

Two yards of wine label material, with the intention of making a few, just a few wine tote hostess gifts.

got it home and realized alas, how can I make the 4.5” wide parallel cuts and not fussy cut to get the entire label centered…Dang now I have a ton of wasted strips?

I’ll think of something…..Okay why not” Dish to Pass Carrier” Totes?…YEA, that’s the ticket…

So using EQ7 I designed a 10” finished square, and built the tote around it….Easier said than done I might add.

For the base, and to keep the bag open I inserted a sheet of plastic needle point canvas between the lining and outer bag,. (After first ironing the edges so I would know how to position it).

Stitched the outer edge creating a crisp outer edge and to keep the plastic sheet trapped inside.

Asked the guy at Loews to cut 10 12” pieces from doweling for five bags, and created a pocket to keep them in.

Used tabs of Velcro on either sideto be able to remove the wooden handles for washing.

Those two innocent yards became more like a month of planning and sewing…ending up as 7 wine totes and 5 carriers…Oy Vay.. But I do think they are going to make 5 great gifts...on to the next project.

Hey Anne do you recognize your pumpkin making material???

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