Saturday, December 22, 2012

Really… What the Heck Was I Thinking???

I use to go through rolls and rolls of masking tape, have to move furniture…
Really???  IT’s not that difficult, a few clips from STAPLES…No crawling around on the floor…I love it!!  Sandwiching just became so much easier, and all because I needed to stretch a quilt with the Christmas tree taking up too much floor space.   Necessity is the mother of invention. Live and Learn.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

It’s Almost Time to Fly the Coup

44 eye masks sewn, packed and alphabetized …CHECK
44 Cards “Wishing all Sweet Dreams and May visions of sugar plums continually dance in your head while expressing the fact I may not be seeing them next Christmas because of  my retirement at the end of this school Year but Giving instructions to visit me on Facebook, Goodreads or by  using my 3 personal emails and/or  by also my visiting this blog.” ….CHECK
The last mailbox Christmas stuffer of my working career completed. ….CHECK
Merry Christmas All It has been FUN...CHECK

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Anne B's Batiks 1

In 2010 my quilting buddy Anne downsized moved to Arizona, and I inherited a third of her Batik stash.  Overwhelmed, and always the organizer, I cut 1 inch squares from each piece of fabric, pinned them together by color in hopes to use them as samples when I need a match. 
Two years I was still looking at the chain of pinned wads of color hanging in the sewing room.  On a whim I stitched several together to form small squares.  Still overwhelmed, and not really a batik fan, I took  all the batiks that I liked the least and formed 12 inch blocks around the blocks, and voila a not so unappealing quilt was born.