Thursday, January 10, 2008

Asparaqus and Pepto Bismol

This was my third “Inspector Clue-sew “quilt. So, in my defense I had no idea what it would look like when finished. Actually I take that back, if I would have known the outcome at the onset , I never would have made the quilt. Of course I always have to add extra borders so that it can be used on a bed or table because I don't like it well enough to use as a wall hanging. It looks better in the picture than in real life hence the full title:
Asparagus and Pepto Bismol Thrown up in Geometric Chunks.

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RETRO-fabulous said...

Pink and green are my favorite colors...they were my wedding colors. It's been my favorite combination since I was a young girl. I hope you've come to love the asparagus & pepto bismol quilt. It's beautiful.