Saturday, February 20, 2010

I’ll be on border patrol for awhile

but luckily life just got a whole lot easier. After 50 years I’ve given up using my sister’s toy draw a cartoon from the 1960’s and purchased a real light box. With my trusty Morgan Soapstone and washable graphite markers and a good fabric eraser transferring sunflowers to the provincial quilt was a snap. Now on to the King Oriental…..


MandMStudio said...

Hi I just found your blog today. WOW your quilt are amazing:)

Teresa said...

Hi MJ,

You left a comment on my blog with a question, and I couldn't figure out your email address, so I thought I would respond on your blog. Glad I I have another blog to visit!

The trim of the tablecloth (on the civil war bride block with the wedding cake) is actually just a lighter fabric piece. I appliqued the little, light strip onto the larger, darker piece before appliqueing to the background (with the larger strip overlapping the light-colored one). On my blog, if you click on the picture, it enlarges is so that maybe you can better see the construction detail.

Thanks for visiting and I will visit your's often!

In stitches,
Teresa ;o)