Saturday, March 27, 2010

Schooled by the batik police

In a previous post I provided personal information about a certain failure to pre-wash said batik.  Everything now is copacetic, all 60 swatches have been washed, ironed and sorted by color.  
My March block is complete.... 


Joan said...

First of all.....GORGEOUS. What a treat to look at that!

I am almost finished with my first batik quilt and I was torn up about pre-washing. I was told it wasn't necessary (by some quilters I respect!) but I did it anyway. I ended up using 2 more jelly rolls of batiks, and you CAN'T prewash that, so I have no idea what I will get when I am finished.

Danielle said...

Just beautiful colors... looks like it'll be one gorgeous quilt!