Sunday, August 29, 2010

Time to Bag it

In class if the boys get a tad noisy I say, “Gentlemen” . Inevitably one of them will look up at me and say, “Start your engines?”
Well, “Ladies” start your engines because as of today August 29, 2010 there are only 118 sewing days left until Christmas. My two Berninas are going full tilt, so I thought it best to create a “Shopping Bag” to stash whatever OC creation I come up with this time……. So here goes…
I took the dimensions from a paper shopping bag, added interfacing to the bottom, straps and placket sewn to the lining to hold the straps. I made the straps longer than ones on the bag. I’m thinking next time I wouldn’t do that. I also had some of that plastic needle point canvass left over from the 80’s. I used it to reinforce the bottom, sewing it between the lining and main fabric. I also slipped some in along the top across the widest 2 sides.

Fait Accompli as the French would say.

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Barb said...

I love your bag!!! It looks so fun and festive.