Sunday, September 19, 2010

Copper Frost

Note to self… when mass producing gift items don’t leave the task you least like doing until last, because in doing so you will find so many other weird and wonderful sewing projects to do instead.

Enter weird and maybe not so wonderful, but imaginative sewing diversion. Again I need to preface entries with the inheritance stash. I’m basically a Williamsburg Blue, Cherry Red kind of gal, but I’ve inherited a stash from an Art Quilting friend. I also hate the word stash. When you’re Williamsburg Blue and Cherry Red it goes without saying that your quilting tilts towards the traditional. What’s more traditional than using every bit of fabric from your 30 year accumulation of conservative buying? So, this inherited piece of copper frost has been a challenge that I had to meet. The cape was intended to be an elegant wrap for maybe a special night out at the opera, but it’s taken on a more Oriental / Harry Potter/ Merlin connotation…Wow, but isn’t that the essence of imagination….I like it!!! Okay back to work.

I may have to move into a childhood dream of mine...puppet be continued. (5/100)

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Barb said...

Sometimes when I don't like something, it gets put by the wayside. Not good for the piling UFO pile.