Monday, December 20, 2010

I Hated To Do It, But I Had No Choice

A friend’s downsizing, and asked if I could use a slightly torn antique table cloth that had been in her family for years. My normal mantra is “everything’s fixable.” So I said sure.

First I tried hand sewing to reconnect each chain, but the more I handled each torn filet, the more new tears appeared.

Maybe I could use it as a valance and support its fragility with a backing but the dilemma was then do I really want to stitch every cluster?…..Naaaah….

Several days later I came up with the idea of cutting out each “flower” and zigzaging them to squares I had made years ago for what I thought would be themed Christmas Ornaments but never used.

It felt so sacrilegious…..but I’ve been watching French decorating shows on the French channel and they do it all the time, all in the vain of recycling... I cut into the crochet. Now, the question is can I get them all finished this week?….


Sara said...

Pretty! You might also consider heavy duty starching so each motif because stiff and just attach a small loop of thread.

Mary L. said...

I understand how you felt cutting into that heirloom, but you've now given it new life. Great job!