Friday, June 28, 2013

Art Challenge Quilt Entry

My 9” x 12” Art Challenge Quilt for our Guild’s next quilt show. Category "Community"

As an 8 year old child in 1956 I walked around my new neighborhood community of Lewiston NY discovering some of its incredible history and magnificent sights.  It is my hope that your eyes will do the same and learn about the town where I grew up, a few miles from the original falls of 12,000 years ago. It was here that all the melting glaciers cascaded over the escarpment cutting back the gorge 7 miles to its present home Niagara Falls.   In the 1700's, the Tuscarora, the sixth nation, joined the Iroquois League where given land by the Holland Land Co. and the Seneca Nation to form their reservation in Lewiston NY.  Lewiston was also one of the ends of the Underground Railroad. Hundreds of runaway slaves were sheltered in what we called the “house of the seven cellars” waiting their crossing the lower Niagara River by the cover of darkness to their new community of freedom in Ontario Canada.

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