Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Who Shot the Couch?

I tend to stay away from wearing prints of any kind. It all started about 16 years ago when my then comedic pre-teen age son remarked on one of my new flowered blouses with a, “Who Shot the Couch?” I think it’s time to accessorize all those solids with a few new purses. Here’s the first of hopefully many.
I found the following tutorial on line for a great closure mechanism.

“You can use a retractable metal tape measure as a closure for your purse! Pull out the full length of the tape and cut. Measure the width of the top of your bag without seams and cut the appropriate length - be sure to round off the edges as this could eventually cut through your fabric.
Cover the cut metal tape measure with duct tape. Make a casing to hold the tape including the seam allowances. Stitch this casing to the wrong side of the purse and see only one side to the seam. Insert your tape measure and then sew up the remaining open side of the casing - you now have a "clicker" purse closing!”

I added two pull tabs on either side, but for the next one I am planning on adding the Velcro to the lining before I put it together. I also think it will be easier to add the handles before it’s lined. It’s hard to maneuver once the metal tape is in place.

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