Saturday, May 29, 2010

Facing Gorillas but Forgetting Defaults

I started my Dear Jane as filler, a palate cleanser between other projects. I love to paper piece, so why not do a block once and a while. No one warned me how addicting they are. Okay I thought. I’d face the gorilla in the room, tackle a few triangles, know I was up for the challenge and surely she’d let go of me. I could stop whenever I wanted to, and go back to other projects.

I printed 13 triangles, but it wasn’t until I completed 5 of them that I realized the size discrepancy. The default had been set for a 4.5 inch square; I failed to check the box, “size from quilt”. Oh well the squatty triangles are kinda cute, and the finished quilt will now be 74x74. It will be easier to hang.. Oh Heavenly Day don’t you just love when mistakes become problem solvers? I will remain optomistic about the cattywompus bend the rows are taking. It will all quilt out.....

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Mimi said...

Wow...browsing through several blogs, I am surprised to see how many are working on DJ. I have been re-inspired to get my blocks out and put them up on the design wall and hopefully they will get me going on them again. Yours are looking great. Keep up the good work.