Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Funny Story

So I'm watching Fons and Porter, and one of them says, "CARDINAL RULE: You should make a habit of only ripping a block three times and if the points still don’t match up...."
Here's where I finish the sentence in my head with a...."Just run with it, life's too short."

WRONG, their advice "after three times make the entire block over or it will be stretched out of shape beyond recognition.." I guess that's why they have a TV show and I line blocks up on my rug to post on my blog.

But then again who's to say who’s happier?


Barb said...

You are so right...

love your blocks!!

RETRO-fabulous said...

I have a 3 times rule, too but I rarely get wound that tight (about sewing LOL). My quilting time is relaxing for me. I'm with you, if it doesn't bother you it's all good.

julieQ said...

Wow, I love your blocks!!! I think maybe you are a little ahead of me...maybe we can forge ahead together!! I would never, never make a block three times...sorry, but good enough is good enough for me.