Friday, December 25, 2015

How it all started Christmas 1 of 5

Downsizing a bit, and going through all my quilting books and magazines I decided to photocopy pages I wanted to keep and donate the books to the goodwill.  I came across a pattern for a quilted cat.  thinking a head to a birthday present for a friend who loves both cats and blue batiks I planned out the execution using nine patches.  I can't do anything without my computer and the electric Quilt program.  My computer had crashed, so I mapped it out in my head planning to make several.  after completing all seven I had some 80 some extra squares.  No joke.  With a new computer I then decided to plug them in and make two  62" X 74"  quilts for my 2 nieces. The colors are much prettier then the pictures allow.

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